Yaara Ve ( Trailer)| Gagan Kokri | Monica Gill | Yuvraj Hans I Raghveer Boli | 5th April 2019

Directed by: Rakesh Mehta

Releasing in Theaters: on 5th April 2019

About Movie:

Trailer of the upcoming Punjabi film Yaara Ve has hit the internet. Amidst the tension between the two nations, there are mixed reactions by the citizens of our country. Some foolish warmongers are relentlessly posting hate stuff on the internet while many are wanting peace.

But the trailer of upcoming movie Yaara Ve has a beautiful tale weaved on the backdrop of the two nations. Yaara Ve is written and directed by Rakesh Mehta. It stars Gagan Kokri, Monica Gill, Yuvraj Hans, Raghveer Boli, Yograj Singh, B N Sharma, Sardar Sohi, Nirmal Rishi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Gurpreet Bhangu, Malkeet Rauni, Pali Sandhu & Rana Jung Bahadur. Produced by Bally Singh Kakar, it would release under the banner of Golden Bridge Films & Entertainment Pvt Ltd on 5th April 2019.

The opening narration of the trailer is in the impactful voice of Gurdas Maan which shows how serious is the relationship between the two nations. But as we watch further, there is a different story for the audiences.

The movie Yaara Ve is based in the period before 1947 when three friends, played by Gagan Kokri, Yuvraj Hans, Raghveer Boli, aid each other in everything. But then enters Gagan Kokri’s love interest Monica Gill; mild twists and turns and then we were introduced to the partition era.

This story seems to be novel and makes one feel how painful partition would have been. Though it looks like an ordinary tale of ordinary men, it seems relatable as many would have gone through this trauma when the partition took place.

Actor Gagan Kokri and Monica Gill compliment each other onscreen. Monica donning the village girl looks impressive as we have seen her in glamorous avatar always. Gagan Kokri’s innocent chuckles are quite flattering too. Yuvraj Hans and Raghveer Boli add the much-needed spark in their friendship.

Their friendship looks deep, fun and strong. Veteran actors like Yograj Singh, B N Sharma, Sardar Sohi, Nirmal Rishi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Gurpreet Bhangu are seen doing what they are best at. Their performances would surely uplift the storyline too.

The movie by Rakesh Mehta seems to be releasing at the right time. Peace is what everyone wants but few know about tales of friendship between the nations. It would be interesting to watch how the director uses so many elements in one movie. There is romance, friendship and the pain of partition which he has to project on screen. It would have been tough but we enjoyed all the elements in the trailer.

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