The Zoya Factor New 2019 720p Tamilrockers Movies Download

The Zoya Factor | Sonam K Ahuja | Dulquer Salmaan

Directed by: Abhishek Sharma

Released Date: September 19 2019

About Movie:

Zoya Solanki (Sonam Kapoor) is considered lucky for cricket by her ex-army officer father (Sanjay Kapoor) as she was born on the day India won the cricket world cup for the first time in ’83. Tamilrockers Movies Download

A turn of events makes her come in contact with the current Indian team, who also begin to think of her as a lucky mascot. The only one against her is the team’s captain Nikhil Khoda (Dulquer Salmaan) who believes it’s hard work and team spirit and not some good luck charm that wins matches.

A twist in the tale comes when both fall for each other, leading to complications. Whether their love survives Zoya’s X-factor forms the crux of the film. Tamilrockers Movies Download

It’s a satire on both the superstition surrounding cricket in particular and our overall obsession with horoscopes, good luck charms and remedies and other related practices in general. You’ll find yourself laughing at your own foibles. Tamilrockers Movies Download

The dialogue is extremely witty and keeps you laughing throughout. And the absurdity of how we let superstition shape us will make you laugh even more. Sonam Kapoor’s character is that of a girl having low esteem. She considers herself a loser. Tamilrockers Movies Download

And hence she finds the idea of being the cricket team’s lucky charm attractive. Sonam has done ample justice to both aspects of her character’s personality. There’s an extremely funny scene involving her and Anil Kapoor playing a superstar that’s a must-watch. She has a good chemistry going with Dulquer. Their romance has a fresh appeal to it and doesn’t look staged. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Dulquer Salmaan has again proved that he’s one of our finest actors around. He lets his eyes, his expressions convey the emotions and doesn’t just rely on the dialogue. Tamilrockers Movies Download

The Zoya Factor | Sonam K Ahuja | Dulquer Salmaan

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