The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR Under Pressure HD Movie.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR Under Pressure HD Movie.










Release Date: August 2, 2019.
Director: Thurop Van Orman, John Rice.
Writers: Peter Ackerman, Eyal Podell.
Stars: Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Leslie Jones.



HD Trailer:



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Final Trailer:



About Movie:

Can’t kids just be kids anymore? Of course not; they must be drafted into service as climate-change agents and social-justice warriors for the United Nations. That’s the message of The Angry Birds Movie 2, released in mid-August by Sony Pictures Entertainment. John Rego, vice president of sustainability, corporate responsibility, and environmental affairs at Sony, took to the stage on August 27, the second day of the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, to introduce a UN-themed trailer for the movie and to extol the company’s partnership with the global body. The movie sequel, which hopes to build on the phenomenal success of the original Angry Birds movie (2016), is shameless political propaganda aimed at activating children and youth for “climate action.”

After the flesh and blood 2016 #AngryBirdsHappyPlanet confrontation, the Angry Birds have linked this epoch as regards by their longtime enemies (turned frenemies) the pigs and are looking to press on attentiveness about individual happenings we can all permit to disagreement climate fine-aerate, the press declaration continues.

As portion of the disturb, public designate support to the poster is launching today starring the Angry Birds, the green piggies and the English-speaking voice cast astern the film The Angry Birds Movie 2. Together, they are encouraging citizens to discover and track easy mysterious movement that can make a difference by using the UNs dissenter accrual online climate accomplish tool, the ActNow Bot.

It is through climate take be in built-in relation to cooperation and collaboration within and across communities that we can put off the climate crisis. We publication many people coarsely the world sounding the alarm and demanding sparkle by world leaders. We are grateful to the Angry Birds for adding together their voice anew to the call for each of us to moreover by example and alive that all achievement counts.

In the movie trailer (above), the actors and actresses who provide the voices of the animated characters praise the United Nations and urge viewers to join in the UN’s efforts to save the planet. “The United Nations has a plan to help the earth, and they need all our help before it’s too late,” implores actress Rachel Bloom. “The Angry Birds Movie 2 is working with the United Nations on the ActNow campaign,” says Peter Dinklage. “We need you to act now!” declares Leslie Jones. “Every action we take counts toward protecting our planet,” asserts Sterling K. Brown.

What actions do they urge kids to take? The usual mantra: meat-free meals”; reduced electricity use; wear old clothes; drive less; reduce, reuse, recycle; etc. Of course, many, if not most, of the 5,000+ participants who came to the conference, flew here, apparently unconcerned about their carbon dioxide-spewing airplanes. And in spite of all the dire warnings about the “existential threat” of climate change, the conference has produced a sizable carbon footprint. As is par for these UN events, the delegates were treated to luxurious (and “free” — taxpayer-provided) catered meals and snacks throughout the conference and free transportation on the city’s light rail system. And despite the constant hectoring to ban plastics and disposable containers, the conferees went through mountains of plastic plates, cups, and utensils, as well as disposable paper products.

During the closing plenary session of the conference on August 28, performers dressed as two of the main characters from Angry Birds, Red and Leonard, appeared on stage to help recap the dominant theme of the conference: anthropogenic (man-made) global warming is the “defining issue of our time.”

The Angry Birds Movie 2 release obviously was timed to help promote the UN’s Youth Climate Summit next month in New York on September 21 and the Climate Action Summit of world leaders on September 23. This amplified a main purpose of the UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, which is to recruit many young people to attend, with the aim of activating them to agitate for the UN “climate agenda.” That agenda includes support for the UN’s Paris Agreement, as well as support for state and local mandates to “save the world” from the supposed threats posed by carbon dioxide, the beneficial “gas of life.” Real science — as opposed to eco-propaganda posing as science — shows that the CO2 produced by human activity has a negligible impact on the planet’s climate and that the constant hysteria and fearmongering of impending doom cannot be justified on scientific grounds. (See here, here, here. and here.)

Kids as UN “Climate-change Agents”The Sony/UN partnership on The Angry Birds Movie 2 is a continuation of a relationship that dates back to at least 2016 when then-Secretary-General of the UN Ban Ki-moon appointed Red of the Angry Birds as an Honorary Ambassador for Green at a launch event for the International Day of Happiness at UN Headquarters in New York.


The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR Under Pressure HD Movie.

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