Surkhi Bindi | 30th Aug | Gurnam Bhullar | Sargun Mehta

Surkhi Bindi | 30th Aug | Gurnam Bhullar | Sargun Mehta

Directed by: Jagdeep Sidhu

 Release Date: 30th August 2019.

About Movie:

The movie project was announced back in March 2018 and was supposed to hit theatres on March 2019. However, as Jagdeep Sidhu, who is the main lead male character in the movie, was busy with other of his already committed projects, the release date of Surkhi Bindi was then postponed to 30th August 2019.

Surkhi Bindi is a feel-good movie that makes you feel happy and satisfied at the end of the runtime. So if you are looking to spend time watching a movie where you aren’t left with doubts or questions at the end, or does not have to wait for a sequel for perfect answers, then you should definitely watch Surkhi Bindi.

In the initial stages, Punjabi actress Simi Chahal was considered to play the role of the female lead in this movie. However, the actress role was later given to Sargun Mehta. The movie has a relatively small star cast. Below are the actors and actresses playing key roles in Surkhi Bindi.

Coming from the director Shadaa Qismat, the trailer lives up to the expectations of his previous movie. The movie seems to be revolving around a girl who wants to fly to Canada and become a model. The film seems to be a female-oriented movie which is has become a new trend all over India.

The film stars Gurnam Bhullar, Sargun Mehta, Rupinder Rupi, Nisha Bano in lead roles. There also a lot of fresh faces which you can see in the trailer. V RAKX Music, Kick Masterz and Laddi Gill are music directors for the film. Akashdeep Pandey is the director of photography.

Surkhi Bindi | 30th Aug | Gurnam Bhullar | Sargun Mehta

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