Stranger Things: sezon 3 – recenzja

Stranger Things: sezon 3 – recenzja

Stranger Things are back with another season. Do the Duffer brothers have anything else to tell us? Read our review.

About Movie:

The second season of Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s flagship productions, was a kind of disappointment for me. The Duffer brothers decided to provide us with the same thing as in the first season with only twice the momentum.

However, the stories themselves were similar. I was afraid that the ideas of the developers were exhausted, that they were riding on the fumes and a good impression built in the first season. It turned out that the Duffers have something else to tell us. A story that beats even the first season with its darkness and idea.

In 1984, communists appeared in the small town of Hawkins. And from distant Russia. They continue the work of the Americans, that is, they are trying to break through to the other side at all costs. Their actions have far-reaching consequences, of which “comrades” do not realize.

Everything takes place during the summer break, when our heroes are trying in the nicest way to spend the elbe period. Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) enjoy their relationship, which leads to Hopper’s (David Harbor) shoemaker’s passion. Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) returns to town after a month absence due to a trip to a science camp, where he met the love of his life.


Nancy interns at a local newspaper and collides with chauvinistic and sexist treatment from her boss and senior editors. Only Will has difficulty finding himself in a new situation where his colleagues do not have time to play RPG games with him. After that, he begins to sense some unidentified anxiety more and more often. As if the mind raider has returned, which is impossible because Eleven closed the portal.

The Duffer brothers understood that they could not only increase the horror level without major changes in the script. That is why now they have done their homework and are giving us a completely different story. Matured, directed at viewers who, like main characters, grow up and expect something darker.

Stranger Things: sezon 3 – recenzja


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