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SAAHO Movie HD(720p)


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The trailer of “Saaho” inspired Prabhas’ Saaho to make fresh those memes; The films like “baingan ka bharta” and “Game of Thrones” are not spared from each either
“A screenshot of a cell phone”: This line from Saaho is already a hit with fans. () © Provided by HT Digital Streams Limited This line from Saaho is already a hit with fans. ()
The first trailer for Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor’s Saaho was released on Saturday. Like always, the memes that followed the trailer were the best thing about it.

Twitter’s Hindi, Telugu, Tamilian, and Malayali users got into overdrive as soon as the trailers landed on YouTube in different languages. The action-thriller is loaded with cool dialogues and stunning visual, no wonder Twitter found so much content to play with.

About Movie:

Some users decided to make a meme out one, a particularly witty line from the trailer. A policeman, describing Prabhas’ character in the film says, “Woh kisi bhi feel-good film ke pehle aane wale no-smoking ad ki tarah hai sir. Content sahi hota hai lekin visuals bahut disturning hote hain (He is like the anti-smoking ads you watch before a feel-good film. The content is well-meaning but the visuals are distubing).” The second half of the line was turned into a hilarious meme, targeting all from the innocent baigan ka bharta to HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones.

Check out what else Twitter came up with:

Saaho is Prabhas’ first film since the super-successful Baahubali movies. The actor says it was difficult for him to come out of the world of the epic fantasy drama.

He said after spending five years on the SS Rajamouli-directed magnum opus he wanted to do live up to his fans’ expectations by giving something at par to Baahubali.”Coming out of Baahubali was not easy, it was difficult. This film is directed by Sujeeth(Director). The way and style of his scriptwriting are very interesting. I hope you will like this amazing movie.

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In pics: Inside Saaho trailer launched

                         Releasing Date: 30 Aug 2019.


SAAHO Movie HD(720p)


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