Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Review: Jyotika Starrer Is Strong In Acting Department

Star Cast: Jyotika, R Parthiban, K Bhagyaraj, Prathap Pothen, Thiagarajan, and Vidya Pradeep.

Director: J.J.Fredrick


Will no longer lie, the first 15 minutes of the movie had me. When you are introduced to a as a substitute perplexing incident of a female capturing two guys with a gun. What accompanied the subsequent few minutes with the nervousness at its best gave me goosebumps. But that used to be it. That used to be the solely aspect that moved me. Ponmagal Vandhal though is subject that ought to hit hard, does no longer due to the fact it isn’t fresh. We have regarded this.

And it is exceedingly considered that writer-director J.J. Fredrick does apprehend that. So he tries to result in Drishyam (2013) trend plot twist to this courtroom docket drama. (PS: now not a comparison).

The writing isn’t ordinary or let’s say it seems like parts of specific truffles put together to make one. What starts offevolved offevolved as a darkish movie that holds secrets and methods and goose flesh, receives humorous for a while. Not underlined humour, then again characters cracking jokes on your face. The set tempo is lost.

Also, there are unfastened ends. A determine carried out through veteran actor Prathap Pothen, receives a one-of-a-kind thing story as a layer to his character. But we in no way get to understand greater or the reason of his parallel story. (If you wish to apprehend the attitude I am talking about watch Oscar entrant ‘Court’, you will get it).

The script does have a couple of twist that in reality ought to have carried out wonders if they have been supported by using ability of equal levelled writing throughout. The script additionally mentions real cases of infant abuse and mob hatred, consisting of Aasifa and the man lynched for stealing a handful of ingredients grains. But as said, doesn’t hit as a first-rate deal it should.

Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Review: Star Performance
Ponmagal Vandhal has some satisfactory performing performances and they are the completely explanations one ought to proceed to exist the film. Jyotika wins the show. She is the coronary heart then again in the mistaken physique (read film here). The actor receives her study right and units on to play it like her own. With the most display time, she makes this journey bearable.

The strong consists of some of the most veteran actors. R Parthiban as the prosecution, Thiagarajan as the flesh presser who would go to any extent to retailer his function in the society. All play their elements with conviction. Performances deserve higher marks here.

Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Review: Direction, Music
J.J. Fredrick holds each the credit of writing and directing the film. With Ponmagal Vandhal, Fredrick goes the modern-day way. The environment are refined and spacious as possible. He doesn’t crowd up the show unnecessary. A lot of that credit score additionally goes to cinematographer T.Ramji, who units the tone immoderate with his work in filming the crime scene (opening sequence).

Though my criticism is with the one who decided to put scenes with the narrator speakme and the world round slowing down in like three scenes. We have come a lengthy way, and this a court docket drama, you killed my intrigue with that appropriate there.

Music of the film is average. The song Vaa Chellam will make it to many playlists. As for BGM, it did now no longer make a contribution at all to the whole experience, barring in the opening sequence.

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