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Pehlwaan  | Kichcha Sudeepa | Suniel Shetty | Krishna | Aakanksha

Directed by: Krishna

Releasing on: 12th September

Review of the Movie:

Sarkar (Suniel Shetty) a wrestling coach, adopts an orphaned teenager because he feels the young man has the potential to be a national champion. The boy grows to become the undisputed wrestling champ of local tournaments. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Krishna (Sudeep) falls in love with Rukmini (Aakanksha Singh) and marries her against the wishes of his mentor and even her father. This causes a rift between him and Sarkar as the latter feels his student has gone against his teachings. Sarkar tells him to leave and makes him promise that he’ll never wrestle again. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Another strand involves Raja Rana Pratap Varma (Sushant Singh) and arrogant royal, who is also a wrestler. Krishna defeated him in the district championship and hence he wants to humiliate him on the wrestling floor.

The third strand involves Tony (Kabir Duhan Singh) a rogue boxer who has a sadistic streak. His coach (Sharath Lohitashwa) vows to teach him a lesson. The three strands become interconnected, disrupting Krishna’s peaceful life. Tamilrockers Movies Download

The film is a mixture of all the martial arts films you’ve seen — so be ready to catch glimpses of Sultan, Dangal, Mukkabaaz et al. The climax, especially the end shot is Sudeep’s homage to Rocky and Stallone. The action scenes are well-choreographed. Sudeep has worked hard on body transformation and looks the part. Tamilrockers Movies Download

But it’s not just an action film but has an emotional core as well. The film points out that any sporting discipline is bigger than its stars and they should recognise that.

Taking cues from Ramayana and Mahabharata, it throws light on the importance of mentor and protege relationship, and how relevant it still is in wrestling and boxing circles. The protagonist isn’t shown to be just a brawny wrestler but is someone who is well-grounded and humble.

He doesn’t have qualms apologising when he understands his mistakes. The romance between the two leads looks genuine. There is a scene where Sudeep drapes a saree around Aakanksha which brings out the harmony between the married couple. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Pehlwaan  | Kichcha Sudeepa | Suniel Shetty | Krishna | Aakanksha

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