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Mushkil | Rajniesh Duggall | Kunaal Roy Kapur | Nazia Hussain | Pooja Bisht

Director – Rajiv S. Ruia

Released date: Aug 9, 2019

Review of the Movie:

Four friends, Shafaq Naaz, Nazia Hussain, Pooja Bisht, Archana Shastry vacationing in Greece are haunted by a spirit in the villa they’re living in. Their guide, Kunaal Roy Kapur tries to help them but the spirit stops them from leaving Greece. Now it’s up to Rajniesh Duggall, a man who deals with the supernatural, to bail them out. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Haunted house horror is an often repeated trope and by now we have come to expect what we are going to see in such films. The furniture will move on its own, there would be unexpected noises in the night, we will see glimpses of mysterious strangers luring around and skimpily clad girls will mostly be the target of it all. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Mushkil has all that and more in spades. The film shuffles from Varanasi to Greece because Rajniesh Duggall’s character hails from Varanasi and is actually given a backstory. The rest of the characters are devoid of any such niceties. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Because it’s shot in Greece, a couple of romantic songs have been added to capture the picture-postcard perfect beauty of the locales. The scenic imagery of Greece is by and large the best thing about the film. How we wish there was more of it.

The key scenes of the film are shot in low light. We can’t figure out whether that was deliberate or just plain oversight. The creature effects and CGI aren’t top-notch. Tamilrockers Movies Download

You don’t get a shiver of fear down your spine by what you see because it isn’t scary enough. The overall effect of the film is akin to that of a badly told campfire tale. The ingredients are all there but the punch is missing.

Mushkil | Rajniesh Duggall | Kunaal Roy Kapur | Nazia Hussain | Pooja Bisht

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