Mindo Taseeldarni (Trailer) | Karamjit Anmol | Kavita Kaushik | Rajvir Jawanda | Isha Rikhi

Director: Avtar Singh

Releasing On: 28th June 2019

About Movie:

Focusing on the story and characters, Karamjit Anmol (Tejja in the film) is that bachelor and also the lead. His rumoured girlfriend is Kavita Kaushik, who plays the titular role Mindo (who is a) Taseeldarni. It initially feels a little odd to see Karamjit Anmol as lead because he has seldom essayed such a central character. But this is not to say that his acting isn’t up to the mark. Since he has mostly been a comedian, parts where he plays his usual comic self go well but when he has to depict a serious man, he fails to make an impact. Another minus here is their pairing. They neither look good together nor show any chemistry.

Then we have Rajvir Jawanda and Isha Rikhi. While Rajvir plays Karamjit’s brother, Isha is Kavita’s sister. Rajvir and Isha’s wedding becomes the meeting point for Tejja and Mindo. Mindo isn’t aware of the rumour about her being Tejja’s girlfriend and Tejja doesn’t know that his sister-in-law’s closest sister, with whom he does all the leg-pulling, is Mindo. The Punjabi wedding adds some colours and songs in the movie, but that’s brief. Rajvir Jawanda, an Army man, goes back to the border and Tejja and Mindo again become the linchpins. The rumour about their affair spreads like fire and soon the commotion and confusion starts once Mindo Taseeldarni visits Tejja’s village. As the movie proceeds, you are somewhat reminded of Hindi film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.
We’ve seen Kavita as an inspector in F.I.R and maybe it is that character which got her this role. Although representing a strong-headed woman may not have been a challenge for her, owing to the many years of experience, she does need to brush up her acting skill when it comes to portray a demure girl. She looks artificial and pretentious wherever she tries to be one.

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