Marianne | Main Trailer | Netflix

Marianne | Main Trailer | Netflix


Director: Samuel Bodin

Netflix: August 27th, 2019

Review of the Movie:

The eight-part French-speaking series, which launches on 13 September, has just been given its first trailer, and the amount of blood and jump-scares in the minute-long clip alone is enough to keep us up at night.

It’s the time of the year where Netflix starts gearing up for Halloween with the release of several spooky shows and films, but it’s this new original series that looks to be leading the way this autumn.

mong those are the titular character Marianne, who has haunted Emma’s dreams since childhood and seems determined to wreck her life and – in her own words – ‘punish’ her.

As the trailer shows, there’s plenty of shock and suspense to look forward to, plus a body buried in the forest and people becoming possessed (by Marianne, we can only suspect).

Other striking clips include someone cut with inscriptions emerging from the water, while the biggest shock is reserved at the end, as Marianne looms over Emma while she lies terrified in her bed.

Described in the trailer as a witch who ‘enters your soul’, the creepy Marianne stalks her victim at every turn. Author Emma supposedly wrote her horror novels as a way to fight the nightmare nemesis, but she ultimately admits that she doesn’t know yet how to fully get rid of her. It looks like she’s going to have worked out how pretty quickly over the series’ eight episodes.

Marianne | Main Trailer | Netflix

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