KILLERS ANONYMOUS (2019) 705mb Tamilrockers Movies Download

KILLERS ANONYMOUS  (2019) Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba Movie HD

Director: Martin Owen

Released Date: 30 August 2019

Review of the Movie:

“Killers Anonymous” is the kind of movie that makes critics despair and otherwise decent actors rue their involvement. Those with the highest name recognition, however (Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba), mostly keep to the periphery, maintaining a judicious distance from the movie’s soft, sticky center. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Firstly, it’s worth pointing out that Killers Anonymous pulls a standard bargain bin DVD trick, in that it puts stars on the marquee regardless of how minor their appearances are. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Gary Oldman spends much of this film sipping wine while watching events from afar, like Lena Headey in the eighth season of Game of Thrones, while Jessica Alba appears in a handful of early scenes and then disappears from the story.

The main storyline, confined largely to a single location, follows a support group of hitmen, seeking to talk through their love of murder with others who can’t seem to stop killing. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Their leader Joanna (MyAnna Buring) calls an impromptu meeting of the London chapter, on the day in which high-flying politician Senator Kyle (Sam Hazeldine) has been subject to a botched assassination attempt. Tamilrockers Movies Download

As the group convene to work out why they have been invited there, they begin to question Alice (Rhyon Nicole Brown) – a newcomer at the meeting.

In fact, it feels as if the film simply lacks the courage of its convictions. The third act journey into violence feels tacked on, as if servicing an audience who will – not unreasonably – come to a film called Killers Anonymous expecting a liberal dose of bloodshed.Tamilrockers Movies Download

This is a different sort of movie, though, and it benefits from its restraint for much of the running time to the extent that it’s disappointing when the climax guides the story into more generic territory. Tamilrockers Movies Download

KILLERS ANONYMOUS  (2019) Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba Movie HD

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