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If you think you’ve seen it the entire to the lead, think gone more. Jack Whitehall: Travels behind my Father is with and this time, they’as regards taking the US by storm.

Watch the season three commercial out cold!

Based vis–vis speaking the comedic viewpoints of Jack Whitehall, Travels as soon as My Father follows Jack, as he embarks virtually the vacation of a lifetime as soon as his father, Michael.

In the first season, the two set off on a journey across South East Asia to partake in a series of adventures, mishaps, and escapades with two very different perspectives. In the second season, the pair took their travels to Europe, with Michael taking the lead.

Season three of Travels With My Father arrives September 6th on Netflix.
The comedian and his dad Michael toured the States for the new season, which will be released on the streaming service on September 6.

In the clip, the pair are seen going to a naked yoga session, a Wild West-style settlement, and an ultra-hippy cafe.

Jack tries his hand at both amateur wrestling and bingo calling, using alternatives as ‘legal in France, 15’ and ‘Netflix and chill, 69’.

In another scene, Michael drives an RV to Vegas – badly – where they are greeted by his wife Hilary, to the chagrin of Jack who was hoping for a ‘lads and dads’ weekend. But he gets his revenge by takings his parents to see the Magic Mike strip show. Michael, as ever, is seriously unimpressed.

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