DURJ Trailer | 2019 Upcoming Feature Film

DURJ Trailer | 2019 Upcoming Feature Film

Director: Nadir Shah’s

Releasing in: October 2019

About Movie:

Last week actor and director Shamoon Abbasi revealed that he will be attending the ongoing 72nd edition of Cannes Film Festival, which will run till May 25, and that he will be representing his upcoming film, Durj along with his team.

Shamoon Abbas, Sherry Shah and Maira Khan starrer Durj brought about a very raw and disturbing trailer. Taking inspiration from the macabre cannibalistic incidents which took place in Southern Punjab, Pakistan, Durj brings to Pakistani cinemas a genre never explored.

The film’s official trailer was gory, horrific and yet very artistically presented the real life incidents that shook Pakistan to the core but were never covered in detail. Sherry Shah and Shamoon Abbasi stood out in their respective performances as cannibals in the trailer, making the audience itch to see more from Durj.

However, before the official release date for the film is announced in Pakistan, Durj is headed for the prestigious film festival i.e. Cannes. The film has been submitted for the Société Des Réalisateurs De Films (The Society of Film Directors) and has already cleared the first phase.

According to The Society of Film Directors, its aim is “to defend the artistic, moral and professional and economic interests of film creation and to participate in the development of new structures of film, cinema” and Durj does bring about a new avenue for film making in Pakistan.

Here’s wishing Shamoon Abbasi and the entire team of Durj all the very best for Cannes and its release in Pakistan.

DURJ Trailer | 2019 Upcoming Feature Film

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