Arjun Patiala | Diljit, Kriti, Varun | Dinesh V | Tamilrockers Movies Download

Arjun Patiala | Diljit, Kriti, Varun | Dinesh V | Rohit J | Bhushan

Directed by – Rohit Jugraj

Releases on ► 26th July 2019.

Review of the Movie:

‘With you always,’ reads the slogan on the police van of the fictional town of Ferozepur in Punjab. The man in charge is Arjun Patiala – a handsome young gabru jawan, who has his priorities set (read women, whiskey and work). Tamilrockers Movies Download

Giving him company is his trustworthy but goofier constable Onidda Singh, who has given up on women after multiple heartbreaks. He has now settled for a buffalo as his lady love. If you thought that’s bizarre, then wait for more. Tamilrockers Movies Download

The film’s first half breezes through with a few fun moments including a cameo by Sunny Leone. It fails to register her acting skills (or the lack of it), but leads to a forgettable item number that is admittedly mandatory in such a narrative. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Diljit Dosanjh delivers a decent performance with a few laugh-out-loud moments. His innocence brings out the vulnerability of his character that is instantly likeable. His leading lady Kriti Sanon (introduced as Heroine No.1) looks flawless, but the same cannot be said about her character. Tamilrockers Movies Download

The writing gives her little to work with other than mouthing dialogues without much conviction. But the one who manages to deliver most laughs is Varun Sharma. Tamilrockers Movies Download

From his amusing backstory to his forced singlehood, Varun is simply the guy, who can make you laugh at his expense. He also gets some of the best lines that fall quite short in pulling off an out and out comedy. Tamilrockers Movies Download

The movie’s writing, direction and execution become increasingly childish and pointless in the second half, as it stumbles towards a hotch-potch of a climax.

Thankfully, the makers do not resort to cheap, offensive or vulgar humour in a desperate attempt to make you laugh. Film’s music is average except for the peppy dance number ‘Preeto’. Tamilrockers Movies Download

Spoof comedies can be a tricky affair and this one is way too underwhelming to tickle your funny bone for full two hours.

Arjun Patiala | Diljit, Kriti, Varun | Dinesh V | Rohit J | Bhushan 

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